How this works...

You tell me what you're looking for!

  • If you can find pictures of something similar, send them to me.
  • I will ask you for details, such as:
    • Width, height, length; where does this fit in your home or office?
    • Types and colors of wood that interest you
    • Doors, drawers, shelves and hardware preferences
    • Preferred finish, and just how rustic you want it to look
    • Your budget and timeline
  • If needed, I will develop drawings, and share them with you, to make sure we're on the same page.
  • I will scour the Southeast for the right kind of wood for your unique creation, if I don't have it in stock.
  • Once we agree on the specifications, timeline and price range, you send me a downpayment (half, unless we make other arrangements), so I can buy the wood and get started.
  • I procure the wood and hardware, design to your specifications, build and finish your unique creation.
  • I deliver (for a fee, based on distance), or ship to your home.
  • You inspect the results, tell me how wonderful it is, and pay the remainder of the cost.
  • You tell all your friends, and think of what else you'd like me to build for you!


I believe that every sucessful project is a cooperative effort between the customer and the craftsman, and I look forward to working with you!


Call me with your questions and ideas.

Let's make your dreams a reality!